Thanks to our websites, you have access to quality and to the right target

In a world and internet counting tens of thousands of websites, in which the best goes alongside the worst, it is necessary to identify the best content platforms where to announce your communication for the right marketing target.

With us, there is no automated referencing, no random choices, no tracking or visitor disruption, but a communication complementary to the content interesting for your clients. Your logo, your link and your information blend in the reading context of our visitors without aggressing them.

We publish specialized and recognized books and contents of quality. We guarantee quality websites on which readers are happy to come back to learn or to find information.

Visitors of our websites do read our articles. They spend several minutes on them, because we only publish elaborate, useful or cultural and attractive contents.

On our platforms, you will reach a select public perceiving you as a key element of the site bringing a service, a complementary information.

You gain more visibility, audience, brand image, you reach identified, qualitative and highly potential targets

Websites of quality for a public of quality, and so an advertisement of quality, perceived as advices

Specialized websites responding to a real need, to a real interest for :

  • parents, grandparents
  • educational and/or cultural professionals
  • people looking for cultural information
  • people looking for useful information and services
  • people with a high purchase potential.

Every day, these readers take the steps to come looking for information, because it meets their practical needs or heighten their pleasure to learn and to discover.

Your advertisements are targeted and appear as additional and interesting information, either linked to the article’s content, either consistent with what the matching public is looking for



Our websites reach a local public

  • Enseignons.be : the 150 000 French speaking teachers of Belgium.
  • Jereussis.be : the French speaking parents of Belgium.
  • Ik-kan-het.be : the Dutch speaking parents of Belgium.
  • Curiofamily.net : the French speaking parents of Belgium, the Dutch speaking parents of Flanders and the Netherlands.
  • Belbrik.be : the future owners or those renovating in French and Dutch speaking Belgium.
  • Animalhisto.fr : animal lovers in all French speaking countries (France, Quebec, Switzerland, French speaking Africa).
  • Curieuseshistoires.net : people passionate about discoveries and cultures in all French speaking countries (France, Quebec, Switzerland, French speaking Africa).
  • Curieuseshistoires-belgique.be : people passionate about discoveries and the culture of Belgium.
  • Belgavox from Leopold II to today, Belgium in 18 000 pictures.